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viernes, 13 de febrero de 2015

Mixing agile and classic project management methodologies

In the following link can be found the new post I have written as part of my collaboration with

Mixing agile and classic project management methodologies

It is based on my experience in the company I have recently joined, a product centric company that has always managed the projects with agile methodologies, but now that the business model and strategic focus is changing and the products have to be integrated with other vendors and be deployed internationally, I have started to implement a new methodology for managing the projects, taking the strengths of the agile and classic project management methodologies.

Lessons learnt from similar cases are welcomed!!

miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015


Recently I´ve got many questions from colleagues asking about what kind of PDU categories exist on PMI, and how can be earned the PDUs in each category.

The information about the categories is in the PMI website, but it is not so easy to find it. 

In the following picture can be seen where the pdf that provides the information about this topic is located. The file is called "PDU Category Caps and Rules".

About how to get PDUs in each category, I will refer to a post written recently by a friend, where he explains many different ways to get easily PDUs. (The post is in spanish)

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

New Year Propositions

A New Year has arrived, and as in all new years, new propositions come with it!!!

The last year was a busy one where I could not post as much as I wanted, as it was pretty difficult to find time between all my professional and personal activities.

At the end of the year I joined a new company. This company was the number one social network in Spain for several years, beating clearly to Facebook. Now, it is under a transformation plan, moving from a social network to a global virtual operator, and my main task there is to lead all the international projects with the goal of launching as a virtual operator worldwide in an agile mode.

Apart from it, I am one of the members of the Control Systems and Communication
Commision of the Industrial Engineering Association, I am leading a new private club focused on engineering and science, and I keep doing volunteering activities for PMI.

Therefore, I have and I will have many things to post, so I will try my best for getting some time for posting regularly and share experiences with all of you, because, this is one of my new year propositions!!

Let´s make 2015 legendary!!