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domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Hybrid twists on agile

Agile is becoming more and more popular in the PM world, mainly in the IT development projects, and it can be used together with other methodologies making agile hybrids.

What is Agile in a few words?

- Agile: Short iterations of work are delivered with little upfront documentation of specs or requirements. Frequent delivery aims to ensure visibility of progress, creating opportunities for real-time feedback and changes in scope throughout the life cycle.

Other methodologies that are used combined with Agile are:

- Kanban
- Scrum
- Rapid Application Development
- Waterfall

According to a survey performed by Analysis.Net and VersionOne, of 4770 respondents from 91 countries, 90% said they use some form of agile:

  • 27% use only one type of agile
  • 35% mix agile with waterfall
  • 39% mix agile with Scrum

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