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miércoles, 14 de enero de 2015

New Year Propositions

A New Year has arrived, and as in all new years, new propositions come with it!!!

The last year was a busy one where I could not post as much as I wanted, as it was pretty difficult to find time between all my professional and personal activities.

At the end of the year I joined a new company. This company was the number one social network in Spain for several years, beating clearly to Facebook. Now, it is under a transformation plan, moving from a social network to a global virtual operator, and my main task there is to lead all the international projects with the goal of launching as a virtual operator worldwide in an agile mode.

Apart from it, I am one of the members of the Control Systems and Communication
Commision of the Industrial Engineering Association, I am leading a new private club focused on engineering and science, and I keep doing volunteering activities for PMI.

Therefore, I have and I will have many things to post, so I will try my best for getting some time for posting regularly and share experiences with all of you, because, this is one of my new year propositions!!

Let´s make 2015 legendary!!

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