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lunes, 31 de octubre de 2011

The 5 team leadership principles for project sucess

In order to deliver successful projects, project managers need to be skilled in the nine knowledge areas defined by PMBOK, but there is one particular skill that I consider the most important one, and is your ability as project manager for LEADING your project team. 

Recently I attended a webinar presented by Thomas Juli, where he showed five basic team leadership principles that we should take into account when managing our projects. 

These are some notes i took while attending it:

1) Build a common project Vision --> 

- Analyze playing field
- Motivation statement
- Vision statement
- Project objective statement

2) Nurture Collaboration (players win games, teams win champioships)

- Team = Project´s heart & soul
- Team norming workshop
- Team evolution
- Teamwork

3) Promote Team Performance (Life has no rehersals, only performance)

- Be a role model
- Create right environment
- Empower your team
- Foster solution and results orientation
- Invite productive competition
- Let it happen
- Celebrate performance

4) Cultivate team learning (Learning is not compulsory... neithwer is survival)

- Team Synch
- Project reviews
- Training
- Extended team learning
- Learning & innovation

5) Ensure results (However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results)

As an introduction to the leadership arena, this webminar is a very good starting point.

The slides of the webinar can be found in the following link:

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