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miércoles, 26 de octubre de 2011

My first post in a blog ever!

I have been many times in the past thinking about sharing my experiences in the project management arena just in case they could be helpful to other people. Recently I have found in the PMI Information Systems Community of Practice a mentoring program sponsored by them that gives the opportunity for joining as a mentor and provide guidance, advice and suggestions to the members that join the program as mentees.

Today I have had the introductory session with the person matched to me and after it I have thought... well, why not make use of the Web2.0 technology and share my experiences as well with the whole world??!! And..., that´s why I am starting this blog where my goal is not only to show my experiences in the project management world, if not as well to share useful information that I receive everyday in my inbox regarding PM related webinars, articles, discussions in forums, conferences, congresses, volunteering activities, and so on.

Let´s see how this "project" goes!!

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