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lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

PM Agility Survey

Some weeks ago I contributed to this survey from MIT and PMI Global Research Alliance which goal is to explore the theory of Agility in the project and program management perspective.

It seems they have opened again the survey till the 12th of March. I copy their communication and what you can get if you collaborate and fill out the survey just in case you are intested to contributed to the study.


Survey Invitation

We kindly invite you to participate in a joint global survey related to Agile Program and Project Management. This survey is part of a research program conducted at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, at the Consortium for Engineering Program Excellence (CEPE) and has collaboration of researchers from University of São Paulo, São Carlos School of Engineering.

The Project Management InstitutePMI is supporting this research as an alliance partner with MIT. You can also check the survey invitation as posted at in the session "Participate in a survey":

Your collaboration matters!
This survey will help with the development of Agility concept for Project and Program Management. Your experience and contributions will help us to identify the relationships between management practices, organizational factors, and agility performance, with their impacts on project and product performance.

We expect this research to ultimately help companies to identify the most suitable combination of agile management practices to achieve better project and product performance, innovation, customer value, and business performance.

What are the near-term benefits/results to you?
At the completion of the study, all participants will be eligible to access and download an exclusive executive summary report containing the results and main findings of the study. This report will be available within 60 days after survey completion and data analysis. It will be useful for:
  • Gaining a better understanding of Agility Theory and how to build agile organizational competences to improve program and project performance and results;
  • Understanding what practices and organizational factors, and their combinations, are more likely to improve Agility Performance as well as the project and product performance;
  • Gaining a broad perspective of how to improve project and program management processes to foster greater Agility Performance.

Who is eligible to participate?
All certified or non-certified professionals are eligible to participate, including: Project or Program Managers, Portfolio Mangers, Chief Systems Engineers, R&D Managers, Product Development Managers, Scrum Masters, Team Members from different business sectors or industries.

How do I participate?
The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete. We ask you to complete the survey from the perspective of a single project with which you are familiar that is already completed or is in the last phase of execution. You can complete the survey multiple times for different projects in your organization if you wish, or may also ask for your colleagues complete the survey for their projects.

Your participation is highly appreciated! Thank You!
Follow this link to the Survey:
Take the Survey
Or copy and paste the URL below into your internet browser:

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