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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Project Management, a temporary fashion, or a need?

Project management, a temporary fashion or a need..... IS THIS STATEMENT TRUE?

Let´s make some research in order to check if we can consider that project management is a temporary fashion.

One metric that could make us think that project management is a temporary fashion could be the number of persons that belong to a project management organization or have a project management certification. Let´s look at the numbers in PMI, as the biggest project management organization with ones of the most worldwide accepted certifications.

In the WORLD: (31/01/2012)
  • PMI members: 377.589 
  • PMP certified: 471.437
In the world: (31/01/2014)
    • PMI members: 450.713 
    • PMP certified: 603.216
    This means a 19% increase of PMI members and 28% increase in the number of PMPs.

    If we check the same metrics for Spain: 

    In SPAIN: (31/01/2012)
    • PMI members: 2.638
    • PMP certified: 2.831
    In Spain: (31/01/2014)
    • PMI members: 5.270 
    • PMP certified: 5.984
    We find a 99% increase in the number of PMIs!! and 111% in the number of PMPs!!!


    And if we check the number of members that belong to the PMI Madrid Chapter for the same period:

    We see that the the number of members has increased by 66%.

    Looking at these figures is clear that something is making the people in Spain to join project management organizations and getting certified. 

    But.... which one could be the reasons for this impressive increase??

    If we search in Google "more demanded certifications", what it calls my attention first is that most of the links are related to IT certifications, but in order to not to be focused in just one particular area, i check the link that says 15 Top-paying certifications for 2014, for finding out in the 5th position:

    •  Project Management Professional (PMP®) - $108,525

    On the other hand, checking data at INE, we can see that in Spain we had a 24.44% unemployment rate in March 2012, and 26.07% in December 2013.

    And adding another component to the equation, there are companies, like the one I work for, where is mandatory to be PMP certified in order to be recognized as a project manager, what means that there are companies that are moving to a project driven mode as they have seen the competitive advantage that project management brings to the companies. (My company belongs to the IT & Telecom area).

    What can we conclude from all these data??:

    It´s clear that there is an impressive increase in the number of people joining organizations like PMI and getting certified, but is not possible to know which one is the main reason while not having data like unemployment rate in the project management profession, percentage of companies demanding project management certifications, percentage of companies working on a project driven mode, and so on....

    Based on this, I can not say if project management is a temporary fashion...

    But I can confirm that project management is a NEED, just for one simple reason: Project Management impacts directly the bottom line of the companies financial statements, and as consequence in the shareholder value.

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    1. PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP) ® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Recently I went for a PMP prep course by the training provider mentioned above, the instructor was too good and I passed with relative ease. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP class in my company.