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sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

Relationship between Project Risk Management & IT Project Success

Today I have filled out a survey conducted by Christopher D´Souza from the University of Phoenix titled "Examining the Relationship between Project Risk Management and IT Project Success"

Background of the study:

Every year, organizations worldwide make significant investments in IT.  Given that organizations engage in multiple corporate initiatives, diverse partnerships and alliances, complex business transactions, advancing technology environments; managing and delivering successful IT projects can be challenging.  Many IT projects continue to fail and do not meet schedule or budget requirements. Risks have been mainly associated with IT projects; therefore, managing risk in an attempt to neutralize or decrease the effect of risk has become essential to IT project success. The high rate of challenged IT projects warrants the need to explore the relationship between project risk management and IT project success.

While filling it out, it has made think about how do we manage risk in the company I work for, and the involvement of the senior management on it. In my company we believe we have an strong project management orientation, but after filling out the survey I have seen that we are not as strong as we think we are.

In all these years I have never received an specific risk management training, the sponsors of the projects hate the word "risk" as they know that the risk exposure will mean that extra budget is required for the projects, and the senior management is focused only on the final margin of the projects. Moreover, even if the risk analysis should be done by all the team members, at the end, the only one that feels accountable for it and the only one that is worried about identifying risks, is the project mamager.

I am very interested in getting the results of this survey in order to know if the risk management area is weak in most of the companies in the world, or only in the ones I have worked for...

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